• Electric Foot Massager - KSA
  • Electric Foot Massager - KSA
  • Electric Foot Massager - KSA
Electric Foot Massager - KSA

Electric Foot Massager - KSA

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    Electric Foot Massager - KSA

    Helps stimulate foot muscles with heat conduction technology to promote blood circulation

    Physical foot therapy with massage and stimulation of acupuncture points, relieving pain and reducing fatigue

    This high-tech foot massager provides different treatments and benefits to relax your body. The portable foot massager uses low-frequency pulsation technology to massage the feet, ankles and calf muscle tendons to promote blood circulation and relax the feet.

    features :

    Six kinds of adjustable intensity and six kinds of massage modes Six levels of adjustable intensity and six kinds of vibration modes directly stimulate acupuncture points, which can quickly relieve pain, slow down physical and mental fatigue, and improve sleep.

    Foldable design and USB charging

    Different from traditional heavy duty foot massager, this foot massager is just a soft and comfortable foot pad, lightweight, foldable and easy to carry, USB rechargeable battery operated.

    Weight: 175 grams

    Size: 32.5*15*3.5cm

    Voltage: 5 volts

    color: Black

    how to use :

    Place the massager on a flat surface and connect it to the power source.

    Sit in a comfortable chair and place your feet on the massager.

    Turn on the massager and select the massage mode and intensity level you prefer.

    Sit back and relax, allowing the massager plate to relieve your foot pain and improve blood circulation.

    After use, turn off the massager and disconnect it from the power source.

    note :

    This product may not be suitable for pregnant women, individuals with irregular heartbeats, or those with certain medical conditions. We recommend consulting with a medical professional before use if you have any concerns.

    Package Contents:

    x1 electric foot massage pad

    x1 charging cable

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     Buy one and get the second at half price x2 299 

     Buy two and get the third free x3 398  

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